Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What We Learn From Life, Part 1

Got the series up a little earlier today than I would have guessed. It's just been a productive morning--in all aspects of the word. Got to work early and finished up some things. Had a couple of fresh ideas for posters and got them made expediantly. And now, getting them posted.

Anyways, what this series of "What We Learned", or more correctly this week, "What We Learn" is, in general, life. These posters follow the template of actual (sorta-) motivational posters in that the phrase is what's emphasized and a picture is associated with it, rather than what I usually do, which is find a picture or screenshot, and try to affix some saying to it. Therefore, you might actually find that these posters mean something. They might even be worthy enough to print out and hang on your wall, or download and set as a wallpaper (if you do, please let me know. I'd actually be quite honored if someone went to that kind of trouble). As with the Superfriends from last week, this will be part 1. I expect to make this a reoccuring theme as well, especially since I had fun coming up with the phrases.

So here we go

What We Learn From Life, part 1

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