Friday, March 14, 2008

Update 03-14-08

Happy Friday to you all. Hope you have a good weekend planned ahead of you.

Well, we were able to actually go a whole week with updates! Hope you enjoyed it, because I believe next week may be a little spotty. Tuesday's sets are almost ready to go, so there's no worry about those two being on time, but updates after that for the rest of the week are potential at best, probably unlikely. We shall see, after all.

Tuesday's sets: Again, the first one will be "What We Learned from Popeye The Sailor". The second set will actually be part 1 of a series in itself! There's an old 70's TV show that I've had more than a couple of laughs over (for ineptitude, not intended humor). It's become a subject of ridicule by many reviewers, and a cult favorite in the way that many episodes of Mystery Science Theater has become classic. That show was "The Superfriends"--a superhero cartoon which gathered a number of DC comic superheroes together. If you haven't ever seen an episode, wander over to YouTube sometime today for a few minutes just to take a watch. Search for the phrase: "Challenge of the Superfriends", as that was the name of the season that had the most jaw-dropping craziness ever to grace the superhero genre.

So then, the second set on Tuesday will be "What We Learned from The Superfriends, part 1". If you have any posters or ideas at all involving the 70's superhero series "The Superfriends", you know the drill by now, send the ideas or completed posters to (If you do not receive a response or confirmation, please let me know--it seems the email inbox has become off-and-on again on receiving emails).

Also, I've decided to go ahead with the idea I mentioned earlier this week: In the near future, possibly the end of March, beginning of April, I'll be starting a new blog featuring a similar-minded but different medium of "photo-manipulation". I've got the templates ready to go; I just want to make sure I have a good supply to put up before I turn it over to the public. I'll be sure to put up links on this blog, and vice-verse, to make it easy to navigate over. So, please stay tuned for these new events to come.

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