Friday, March 7, 2008

Update 03-07-08

Hello All.

[Take 2: Power went out here in North Florida during the first attempt at this blog post--wiping out my work when I was about 80% done or so]

I wanted to first of all take a moment and thank the visitors. I've been receiving some comments on the posters, even some of them on the page, and have even received a couple of emails with suggestions for the site! (Good ones too, that I will no doubt be implementing in the next month or so). I certainly appreciate all of the comments, suggestions, and feedback, so please don't be shy!

I also wanted to let everyone know that the next installment of "What We Learned" won't be going up again until Tuesday next (the 18th). Since this last collage came up late, I would hate to be rushed and have another low-quality set. However, to compensate for a week and a half wait, the post for the 18th will have TWO sets to the series. This will give those who want to submit ideas not only more time to send their suggestions, but also a variety on what they could be about. The themes will be posted up on Monday, so check back then to see what they will be.

I also will be doing my best to get back into a daily-updated blog starting on Monday. I've run dry in my 'stash' of backup posters, but I'm going to build it back up so that I'll have at least one each day I can put up next week, no doubt going back to the states for some more cultural teasing.

Based on the popularity from the Miscellaneous poster posts (the ones not from me), I would like to open up the idea that if anyone has a motivational poster they themselves have created and would like it hosted on the SMP blog, please send it to me. I will be glad to put it up and give credit for your work. Please remember that the site is a family-friendly site, so all submissions would have to be 'G' rated--no language, gore, or promiscuity. For any reason why I would not put the site up, I will personally reply with an email explaining what we can do to alter it a little and get it on the site. This also means, of course, if you would like to make your own posters for our "What We Learned" series, they can be sent and included, again, with proper credit given.

Again, please let me know by way of feedback your thoughts or suggestions for the site. Thank you all for visiting the site, and again, check back on Monday for more posters.

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