Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What We Learned From Final Fantasy IV

And a happy Tuesday to you all...

Today, we start the new segment "What We Learned", where a collage of motivational posters, all carrying a similar theme, will be posted on here. I like the idea, as they each can be considered separate thoughts, but all spring from the same root source.

The one downside to this idea is that, with some of the ideas that came to mind, the 'joke' is a tad limited in its appeal. For example, though anybody can read the posters and probably get the point, the jokes are very much 'inside' and hold much of their humor value to those who have actually seen, played, or read about the game in detail. The first poster explains this well--Fans of Final Fantasy well know the somewhat-popularity of the "spoony bard" phrase. The poster "Sacrifice" could only be appreciated by those who played the game and had to put up with the ongoing bickering of Palom and Porom.

Other posters, though, really don't have as much of an 'inside' joke as it is just making a witty observation about the screen shot (See Forethought, Masculinity). It's quite possible that even if you played the game through a number of times, nothing more was intended by the poster's message than just a simple one-liner. Therefore, if you get the jokes--awesome. If not, don't sweat it. Perhaps next week I'll have a series that you'll get more.

So then

What We Learned From Final Fantasy IV

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Ike said...

I came across the "motivational: poster "Masculinity", and laughrd my ass off. I've started a blog exploring the concept of MASCULITY in order to gather material for a novel.
I might just borrow that someday, if it's alright with you?


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