Monday, March 24, 2008

Update 03-24-08

Good Morning. Have a good weekend all?

I had a productive one to say the least--yardwork, family, etc. But anyways...

I've got the first post up on my blog "In My Honest Opinion" []. I'm starting with the first few editorials I did for a website back in December 2006. It's a little area-specific, but if you would like to take a gander at it, head on over.

I'll be putting up my next What We Learned tomorrow, though it might be light in size--at this moment, I only have 5 posters. However, as I mentioned before, this series will be a little different, as the focus are going to be more on the saying than the picture. "What We Learn from Life, part 1". It may be up later in the day tomorrow, depending on how my schedule starts to turn out. I'll also be busy this week altering profiles on the myriad websites I have accounts with, as my age will advance +1 this week. Such a small figure to adjust on so many sites, but it must be done. (It also gives me a chance to visit some sites I haven't been to in awhile...)

Well, anyways, I best be getting on to my normal daily work. Check back tomorrow.

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