Friday, February 15, 2008

Update 02-15

Well, two days down and I've gotten quite comfortable with this idea!

I'm loving the idea of doing these posters. It helps me to reduce my... angst at work when things get a little hectic, and yet they're quick enough to put together that I'm not wasting too much time (just in case my bosses are reading).

Just a few updates, I've got my old deviantART page up and running, so you might wanna check it out. I've got some posters on there I don't have on here, and vice versa... you know, to keep it fresh.

Coming Tuesday, I'm going to start a regular (possibly weekly) segment called "What We Learned". I'll have a series of themed posters based on a certain subject. Tuesday's segment will be entitled "What We Learned From Final Fantasy IV".

Now, granted, out of the 8 or so that I've done for the segment, unless you've played the game, any humor derived from these posters will be superficial. Some of them are funny regardless, but there are a few that you just have to be 'in the know' to get the joke, and so I apologize ahead of time if they won't make sense. Needless to say, I cracked myself up over most of them. I've got one up on deviantART already.

Please send me some feedback and/or ideas that you may have. I'd like to see what becomes of this project

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