Thursday, June 19, 2008

What We Learned From Final Fantasy VI

Wow, we're FINALLY back with an actual update! I guess ol' Daniel finally got off his lazy behind and did something! Most of the lack of updates came from a lack of motivation or inspiration, and, well honestly, the last few 'What We Learned' series were kind of forced in their delivery. So, I says to myself, 'Daniel, just go back to what got you into this to begin with.' So here we are--What We Learned from video games. And as soon as I started--well, just see for yourself. 18 separate posters! It's a double-value collage! Enjoy.


poster shop said...

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Marcie and Robert Frank said...

where's the posters???

Daniel said...

Is it that the pictures above are not loading? The pictures themselves are "Motivational Posters", not necessarily the posters themselves, though in the future, I am hoping to take the best of what I have and opening up a webshop to make them ACTUAL posters.