Friday, April 4, 2008

Update 04-04-08

Another weekend is upon us!

Just a brief update. Got a new post (non-driving-complaints!) on the "Honest Opinion" blog at They're still from my old archives at, but this time, I complain about something completely different than driving... still whiny-toned though.

I also want to point out that, as many of you no doubt have noticed, we're about to hit 100 original posters for the site! I want to roll over in style, so I'll be holding off on new updates until I get a collage together. This will probably take place on Tuesday when I get my "What We Learned" series back in order. Not sure what it will be yet, but I will do some serious brainstorming to make sure it's worthy of the triple-digit milestone.

I'll also be working today (and if I don't finish, monday) on creating a new sidebar with an extensive list of every poster on the site. This will, obviously, be a lot of work, so it will not only take some time, but may be a day or two behind the actual postings on the board. I ask that everyone kindly bear with me as I start off. It should get easier once it's fully updated (90+ posters to start off with will take quite a while, since each poster will have a link), but I'm lazy at heart and am not looking forward to it.

But anyways, I'll see everyone next week, hopefully at least on Tuesday.

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